• Dawn Vanessa Brown


  • New York Stage Actress

    Charismatic. Determined. Irreverent. Loyal.

  • About Dawn Vanessa Brown

    When I was 12, I made the decision to make acting my life's vocation. And although my life has taken some detours to equally fulfilling paths ~ like choosing to be a stay at home mom and later a drama teacher to little ones ~ I have never lost sight of my original direction and have remained true to that vision.


    Acting affords me the opportunity to use the stage as my canvas to create alternate worlds that are far different from the one I am currently inhabiting. Like motherhood, acting is life altering and once you take the plunge, you will never be the same as when you started out. You will be enhanced in some wondrous way. The ability to create is an amazing gift from the universe.



    Ridgefield Independent Film Festival (inaugural year) Festival Coordinator Creative Drama Teacher





    Theatre Artists Workshop



    Syracuse University, BFA - Acting

    Private Voice Study - 6yrs. - Aldona Vilcci/Robin Idestrom

  • Credits

    Staged Readings

    Play: Inside Out

    Role: Andrea

    Westchester Collaborative Theatre


    Play: Sisters

    Role: Phyllis DuBois

    Keeler Tavern Museum








    New York

    Play: Thirty Days

    Role: Karina

    Latea Theatre


    Play: Back to the Garden

    Role: God

    Axial Theatre


    Play: Back to the Garden

    Role: God

    Axial Theatre


    Play: Doubt

    Role: Mrs. Muller

    Depot Theatre


    Play: Disgraced

    Role: Jory

    South Salem Theatre


    Play: Love at Worst Sight

    Role: Rita

    Axial Theatre


    Play: The Prism

    Role: Doris

    Westchester Collaborative Theatre


    Play: Eucharist Adoration

    Role: Woman

    Depot Theatre

  • What People are Saying

    Ed Friedman, Director/Playwright

    “Dawn gave a fierce, yet heartbreaking performance, fighting for her son’s future while acknowledging the terrible price her family will pay. In addition, she was a great team player and contributed mightily to the success of this production.”

    Joanne Hudson, Director/Playwright

    "I have worked with Dawn both as an actress and a collaborator on several occasions. She shows up, and she shows up ready. She will bring something to the table to contend with. She will see you through."

    Robin Anne Joseph,

    Artistic Director

    "As an actor, Dawn is a new level of 'depth' onstage. Her process takes her from layer to layer to layer until she creates a character that is steeped in compassion and understanding."

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    Westchester County, New York
    By Appointment